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Editing Services
Natasha Gordon-Chipembere specializes in academic writing, fiction, and memoir. 

Developmental Editing

Natasha provides sustained developmental editing for any client looking to get support for a new writing project (i.e., memoir, academic monograph, edited journals).  Rates are based on the case-to-case needs of each individual client. 

Line Editing and Proofreading

This type of editing includes comments on word choice, tone, structure as well as grammar, typos, punctuation, use of language, and other mechanics.  Formatting and editorial assessments are also available. All edits will be made in MSword via Track Changes (in-text), with a final summary commenting on overall themes, issues of consistency, and any other concerns the author may have.  Academic papers are also checked for citation format, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.


Freelance industry-standard pricing:

2,000-5,000 words:       $270.00

5,000-10,000 words:     $400.00

10,000-25,000 words:   $600.00

25,000-40,000 words:   $800.00

Beyond 40,000 words, individualized rates are applied.


Payment: 50% of the fee must be paid with the submission of the manuscript and the signed contract. The balance must be paid within 48 hours of receiving the edited work.  Payment via Paypal is accepted as well as checks and bank deposits. Please note that clients are responsible for the additional fees charged by Paypal should they decide to go that route.


Terms and Conditions:

Natasha maintains a strict Confidentiality Code during the submission process and throughout the tenure of our working relationship. Natasha will never share your work with a third party.  As no human is error-free, Natasha will provide the best possible service for your needs.  Should the client review the edited document and notice any errors, Natasha is happy to remedy this to the author's satisfaction. However, a refund for services will not be provided once the edited document has been returned to the author. All clients will sign a contract which states that the author retains the rights to their manuscript during our working relationship and thereafter.

Previous clients include Harvard University, University of Santa Barbara (UC), Michigan State University, University of Sussex (UK), CUNY, Mt. Holyoke, Rutgers University, Colgate University, University of Texas, Princeton as well as peer-reviewed academic journals and independent scholars.   

Thesis and Dissertation Coaching

Natasha provides a highly specialized service for academics who are completing their BA, MA and Ph.D. and need gently guided help building their work as well as consistent feedback over several months (at times, years), which a busy Advisor or peer cohort cannot provide.  These projects are assessed on an individual basis by the editor.

Tengo Sed Expat Consultancy

After the unexpected success of her article in Essence Magazine (September 2015) about my decision to leave the U.S. with my family in order to have a safer, more creative life in Costa Rica, she has gotten hundreds of emails from similar minded people (many with young children) seeking advice on how to make an exit from the United States.  In this very serious time globally, these decisions are life-savers for families, especially those of color, who are looking for other life options.

Tengo Sed Expat Consultancy is a personal one-on-one service catered to your individual needs. Natasha provides an initial (Skype, cellphone/landline, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts) conversation answering general questions about the viability of making Costa Rica your new home as well as information on the general moving process. Natasha is then available to provide longer-term advice and services such as listing of private/English schools, housing advice, lawyers for residency papers, and all the other logistics it takes to really make a move to Costa Rica, especially if the client is not a Spanish speaker. Natasha requires all clients to have a list of questions ready for the first session so we can get right to their needs.

Service fee: $2/per minute with a required 30 minute consult.  Most clients book 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Natasha requires all clients to have a list of questions ready for the first session so she can get right to your needs.

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